Delete old Things out of inbox / search


  1. I included some sensors to the Z-Wave network. (detail: Philio PST02-1A).
  2. because they were not working properly I read, to try to reset the sensors and try again.
  3. I reset the senors WITHOUT excluding them before in the RaZberry (Gateway).
  4. Now on every new search with the Z-Wave-Binding i find a lot of more sensors than I really have… So I think the “old” sensors weren’t deleted / forgotten from the RaZberry… In HABmin I deleted all Things.
  5. Problem is now, that i don’t know, which of the new found things are the real new Things… Would be possible to find out, which one send messages, but this would be a lot of work, and can’t be a sollution, when there are a lot more sensors in the network than I have…
    So how is it possible, to delete these old sensors from the list / inbox? (To again only show the devices, which are actually active, when Inbox-search is started…)?
  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 2 with RaZberry2
    • OS: Raspian stretch
    • Java Runtime Environment: ?
    • openHAB version: 2.2
  • Issue of the topic: Old Z-Wave Things are found during inclusion search with Z-Wave binding
  1. Put the zwave binding into debug logging and you will see which nodes are actively communicating. The old nodes will not appear in your logs as sending messages.

The problem isn’t the inbox, the problem is the controller. Because you didn’t remove the sensor from the controller before adding it again, the controller thinks you have two devices. What you need to do is remove the old node from the controller which you should be able to do from Habmin.

Browse to the Thing representing the Device in Habmin and click on Tools. Then select “Show Advanced Options” and then click on Tools again and from there you can set the device as a failed device and then remove it from the controller.

The Inbox will always show all the nodes that are paired with the controller, whether or not they are active.

Hello Rich!,

Thanks for your suggestions…

The disadvantage of the described procedure is, that you must have configured all devices as things in openhab/HABmin to be able to carry out the “mark as failed” and then “remove from controller” steps, which is a lot of work… is it not possible to fail/delete them already before configuring them as a thing in openHAB? And is it possible this also concerns the debugging? (debugging messages are also only logged when the device is configured as a thing in openHAB)?

The 2nd much bigger problem:
When I follow your steps I get the following messages on the screen:
“Action sent successfully” (green) but simultaneously: “Remove node ? failed - node was not found” (orange)… And the “new” things are still found during a scan / in the inbox… “There are 8 new things”.

Not through OH
Perhaps if you use some overhead other Zwave utility. I think one is OpenZwave and there is one from Aeotech I think.

I don’t know but that is probably the case. Without a Thing I’m not sure the binding sees the device except in the inbox.

I can’t help much with the second problem. You’ve reached the end of my zwave expertise.

In OH3, the problem can be solved by adding the thing that is incoming in the inbox. Then, from the thing you can use the button “remove the device from controller” and then delete the thing from openhab.