Deleting rule

hi - this should be quick (I hope)

I created a rule using the PaperUi and forgot to specify a name.
The rule was created OK - but I am unable ot edit or delete it.
In Paper UI I get Error 404 - Not found
Using the rest APi - I get:

Response Messages
HTTP Status Code Reason Response Model Headers
200 OK 404

Rule corresponding to the given UID does not found.

And finally, using the cmdline I get : (note here I have included the request to list rules - to show what is happening)

openhab> smarthome:automation listRules


5 rule_5 null IDLE
6 rule_6 Capital Zone2 Off IDLE
7 rule_7 Kitchen Sound On IDLE

openhab> smarthome:automation removeRule rule_5
Rule with id ‘rule_5’ does not exist.
openhab> smarthome:automation removeRule 5
Rule with id ‘5’ does not exist.

any ideas?