Demo.ap Resolution failed


as I started devolping my binding I use the and include my binding for debugging. After a while I always end up with a Error when I click Resolve. Sometimes a complete Clean works, but now I am stucked. Did anyone came accross this error and can tell me how to solve it?
If I reinstall the complete environment everything works fine for a while, then I get the error again.

I am running Eclipse Version: 2020-12 (4.18.0) on Windows 10.

If you get this error there is likely something wrong with the build procress. The error indicates the resolution can’t find anything and reports this error on the first dependencies it tries to resolve. I guess the left pane where you can see all dependencies also is empty.
Does eclipse report any error on the demo pom.xml or on your project?

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My left pane shows a lot of Repos

My pom.xml is fine without any error in it. At least he is building it.