Demo house: yahoo weather error

I am new to OH, and was looking at demo house to make sense of it all.
The OH console generates and error:
2016-06-02 14:31:03.027 [WARN ] [.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector] - Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {oauth=OAuth oauth_problem=“OST_OAUTH_PARAMETER_ABSENT_ERROR”, realm=“”}

… and I have no clue, as to why or how can I fix this.

Any hints appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Max,

Yahoo recently changed their weather service API, so that the current demo house configuration will not work anymore.

You have to modify the demo settings according to this post (maybe not quite easy for a “newbie”):

Or you have to choose another weather provider (but this also has to be combined with some config changes).

Third solution: Delete all Yahoo entries from the demo files. Or simply ignore the error, since it’s just a Demo. :wink:


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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Well, not wanting to sound arrogant: I would have expected that a demo works flawless, in order to support the understanding of new users. I have done some programming in the past, but this openHAB thing seems simply ‘too hard’.

This will be another topic, but it is still unclear, in which order and how to write the different configs – as I said: another topic… after I had a play with this for a few more hours. :slight_smile:

I will have a go at your first suggestion.
Option two – maybe…

Option three: yes, just a demo, but if it had worked I’d had a chance to “get it”.

Thanks, Max

Again thanks…
Option two worked for me, and also answered another question: do I need to restart openHAB when I change the config? NO… it does it! :slight_smile: Nice.*+from+weather.forecast+where+woeid%%3D3534+and+u%%3D%'C%':60000:XSLT(yahoo_weather_temperature.xsl)

The demo absolutely needs to be updated and an issue should be created in github.

I personally actually forgot the demo used Yahoo and the weather binding, I thought it used XSLT.

Unfortunately you are coming to OH during a time of transition. OH 1.x is not receiving everyone’s full attention as most of the focus right now is getting OH 2 out the door. So a lot of these sorts of issues may get missed until someone speaks up.

The documentation effort for OH 2 is under eat and a user’s guide is first priority to help newcomers navigate the complex environment that is OH.

@rlkoshak: Should I ditch the 1.8 and go with 2.0?
I am in the process of evaluation and demo-ing openHAB. I like what I am seeing, but it seems a steep learning curve :slight_smile:
So… I am happy to start over with 2.0, rather than bugging people with v1 issues.

Thank you for explaining the current state of play.

@Max_G: I am virtually in the same situation as you, trying to understand an learn the OH world.
For me, I think it makes more sense to start with OH1. It’s a established and working platform with thousands of users. Most of the programs do run fine (except demo :wink:).

The OH2 still is in beta and some features aren’t yet functional (e.g. afaik the scheduler, which I’d like to use for my environment). Also the beta 3 is still “not recommended for productional use”.

When my learning curve is going towards the end, I assume OH2 has left beta stage. Then I can migrate to OH2.

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Thanks, sounds like a plan :slight_smile:
I have since watched
… and saw the samples from scratch… maybe I should start this way – from the bottom up, rather than modifying what I do not graps (yet) :slight_smile:

I agree with @jaydee73, stick with 1.8 for now. The learning curve is indeed steep but keep in mind that home automation is complicated so there will likely always be tight to get started.

The path I took which worked for me was to start very modestly, putting two switches on a timer. To do that I had to learn a bit about bindings, items, sitemaps and rules. I started from scratch but used the demo as a reference.

Then I started to add new capabilities mainly focusing on things that don’t require hardware like Astro, weather, presence detection, etc. This is where I learned about and applied groups, persistence, and really learned the rules language. Before long I no longer needed to refer to the demo at all.

There is a user’s guide in works for OH 2 that hopefully will provide this sort of gradual learning path.

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