8080 vs 9080

Hi OpenHab Devs :wink:

I’m the maintainer of phpMyDomo, a web interface for OpenHab. I have a few questions about your online demo.
is working as expected, as documented
NO LONGER WORKS !!! Normal ?
is working, but NOT as documented! The array structure is slighty different, ie for /rest/items/, there is no longer an “item” array. Normal ?
Is this in fact the 2.0 version, not currently documented in the wiki, which has a diffrent API structure? Note that adding a ?type=json to the url results in a blank array (should maybe instead return an error saying that this is a new API format
Redirects to the GUI, but datas seems to NOT be linked to the data of the 8080 api.

BTW : my demo (linked to OpenHab api) was no longer working, but sudeently, after i’ve posted in this forum, It was working back again. Did you changed something on your side?

Keep up the good work !

Best regards is openHAB1 demo server, you have to call the sitemap explicitly, in case of openhab demo it is called demo, so the correct link is (which works as expected). If you don’t set the sitemap in the URL, you will be directed to the sitemap with name ‘default’, in case of demo server this sitemap doesn’t exist.

On the other hand is openHAB2 demo server, but afaik the port is only set to 9080 to allow parallel installation of openHAB1 and openHAB2. should redirect to, where you can easily choose your preferred UI + direct link to REST. As port 8080 and 9080 point to different openHAB servers, it’s no wonder why states are independent.

Thank you very much @Udo_Hartmann

For the clarification and for the link to the v1 demo UI .

BTW at the time I’m writing this post I get a “Connection Refused” while trying to connect (from 3 differents IP) to the 8080 server, while the 9080 server is working fine…

$ telnet 8080
 telnet: connect to address Connection refused
 telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

Too many clients? Server down ? Maintenance ?

8080 server is back ! :slightly_smiling:
working fine !