DENON AVR-X4300H not working

Hi there,
I bought the newest Version of the Denon AVR-X series, the brand new X4300-H. I use OH2 and the Denon binding but it will not work. Nothing happens when testing with Power or Mute switch. On the other side I do not get any errors in the debug files. Any idea? Has anyone running the X4300-H with the OH1 system?
Thank you!

As far as I know the HTTP interface is “disabled” for all Heos-based models (with a H at the end of the model number). If you try to open the IP of the AVR in a browser and it gives you a 403 Forbidden, this is the case.
If the HTTP interface is secured, the DENON binding cannot send any commands to the receiver.
It’s still possible to receive events when putting the binding in telnet mode. Sending via telnet is not supported by the stock binding, so I made a fork (tested with an X4400H):

You can try the new binding: Denon / Marantz 2.0 Binding

It should auto detect the lack of HTTP support and enable Telnet during discovery.