Denon Binding & Paper UI

Hi guys,

Looking for a solution how to get Denon working under PaperUI(Control), creating denon.things does not help,

Note: it works ok for BasicUI and HABpanel.

I didn’t think the Denon binding used Things? Either way, PaperUI is much more suited to admin than actually controlling anything.

yes, Denon does not use Things, I created it myself to see what happens, if it appear under PaperUI and it does not. The cool things with PaperUI is that you can see/control your devices straight away, without spending much time for BasicUI and/or HABpanel UI. :slight_smile:

Maybe too simple, but I’ll give it a try:

Did you activate the channels after adding the thing?

In your Denon thing you should have channels looking like this.
If the circle is empty they won’t appear in the control section of Paper UI.

A short click on them activates/deactivates the channel.

That is the problem, I do not see any channels for Denon. Possible for you to share your yamaha things file?
PS: I don’t have access to my openhab right now, I can’t share my denon thing file, I can do it later in 6 hours.
PSS: my denon.items and denon.sitemaps looks ok as it work under BasicUI/HABpanel

Ah is the Denon binding an OH 1.X one?
My Yamaha Binding is OH2 compatible.

This could explain why you can’t see things in Paper UI.

If the Binding is for OH 1.X I don’t think that you can control your Denon through Paper UI.

My Denon binding is on OH2 and I think I missed the activation through Inbox :frowning: I have to double check. Thanks for navigating me.

Hey Oleg,

nope you didnt miss anything in the inbox. There won’t be a thing for this binding.

Like Jerome already mentioned its a 1.X Binding, you have to configure it via the denon.cfg as described here:

There you can find a lot of examples, for working with the channels. Works fine for me!


PS: You really shouldn’t only work with the paperUI, it can be buggy and in production (habpanel etc.) it works fine…

There is a new binding now for OH2: Denon / Marantz 2.0 Binding You need to install it manually as it isn’t released yet.
It supports Discovery of all the Channels