Denon Binding - Warn log messages


I have upgraded from Stable OH2.1 release to the latest OH2 snapshot release. Now I get every 10s the following warn messages from the Denon Binding:

017-08-09 06:07:30.645 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.

Is this behaviour as expected

Is your denon:refresh property set to 10000, perchance?


I have set only the following settings:

and left out the update interval. So I believe standard is 10sec.

But in the older release I had the same settings and no warn message of the second zone was received if the receiver is powered off.

This PR recently added the WARN message.

Seems like the binding shouldn’t be trying to get zone information from a powered off machine, though.


I have made an workaround now. I changed the log level to error, but this should not be the final solution.

You should probably log a defect in the issue tracker.

Yes I did this already.

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Hi guys,

Since a few days, I’m also having these messages in my log:

2017-12-08 18:34:56.818 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.
2017-12-08 18:35:16.836 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.
2017-12-08 18:35:44.122 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.
2017-12-08 18:36:09.140 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.
2017-12-08 18:36:34.287 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Unable to get secondary zone information.

I guess it started somewhere when upgrading OH (I’m on a recent OH 2.2 snapshot), but I’m not sure.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


madly yes. I do have the same behavior after updating to 2.2

Same here with the OH2.3 snapshot and a DENON AVR X1400H.

You can try the new 2.0 binding (under development, but functional)


with this binding I get the following messages in the log when the receiver is turned off:

denonmarantz:avr:0005cd614026’ changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): IO error while sending command to AVR: Keine Route zum Zielrechner to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): IO error while connecting to AVR: Keine Route zum Zielrechner

this is also not the perfect integration :frowning:

best regards René

Hi Rene,
it looks like the receiver shuts down the network interface when powered off.
Can you check the receiver settings, maybe you can specify the behavior to go to ‘standby’ instead of full power off.


this is true. I have turned off the network standby because I only want to control it if the receiver is on.

Ok, well then this is the expected behavior. The binding expects the AVR to be online all the time, if it is not reachable it will report errors.


so I get now errors in the events instead of the openhab log in the other binding. Is it possible to make this configurable?

This is a 2.0 binding, the ‘Thing’ is ONLINE when it is reachable and OFFLINE when it is not. Not sure how you envision a configuration for this?


but for Hue things for example I dont get every 10 seconds an failure like in that binding also if it is offline and not reachable. That is the big difference.

Are you using HTTP or Telnet config?
I think the issue is there is multiple texts in the error, causing a ‘change’ of the status and hence an update to the events log.
I could check whether I can use only 1 text, then you get one log each time you switch off the AVR.

But best for now would be to just enable the IP Control to be ‘always on’.


that would be an improvement. I want to leave it off as I want to save standby energy it is 3 extra W 24H only to be able to switch it on via network.