Denon Binding: Zone 2 in a rule


does anyone have an example rule that changes the input source for zone 2 using the Denon binding under OH2? I’ve tried several combinations and can’t find something that works. Looking at the docs on the binding, zone 2 seems to work differently than zone 1. Alternatively, is there a HTTP command that achieves the same thing (trying to dissect the web interface).



Hi Jason,


for changing to USB, if it works look under

on page 17 for the other commands.



Thanks Bjorn. I’m having some trouble getting it to work, but need to give it a couple more tries.

Does it work, if you put it into your browser window?

Björn - again, sorry for the slow reply.

I can’t get it to work…
but the UI doesn’t reflect a change and I do not get a response (0B) in the browser

ideally, I’d like to use the binding like this:
sendCommand(DenonInput, “x4000#Z2SISAT/CBL”)

using an x4000 for what that’s worth. Tried picking through the javascript to figure it out, but have to get on to higher priorities now. This really bugs me, however!

Hi Jason, no worries.
What do you see in your browser if you use your Denon ip address

I get the full control interface…

if I then send a control url like the one you posted, I get zero bytes returned, and the UI and device do not reflect a change…

FWIW, I implemented a workaround by using Z2QUICK1 and Z2QUICK2…