Denon HEOS MultiRoom Music and TV Audio Setup!


I know this may not the proper place to ask this silly question.

I’m completely new to OpenHab and about to buy X3500H. But the Spec Sheet says X3500H doesn’t support Web Controls"

IP Control / RS232 Control / Web Control / App Control - o / o / _ / o

But X2500H does. Now I’m worrying that X3500H will work with OpenHab or not?
Can you guys help me with this. Thanks in Advanced.


I don’t know that model, but what I do know is that my AVR-X 4400H doesn’t support Web Page control.

Only proprietary “Denon 2016 AVR Remote App” Control.

  • IP Control - Yes
  • RS232 Control - Yes
  • Web Control - No
  • App Control - Yes

But!!! The Denon-Marrantz binding for openHAB2 does work very well with it.

As does the HEOS binding.

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Yes. It just means it doesn’t have a web server with a built in web page. But you can control it from openHAB, the HEOS app or the Denon AVR 2016 app. It is a good product, if you can, buy it


Thank you very much for quick replies.
I thought OH bindings work through Web Control.
So now I no need to fear. right. I am going to buy X3500H ASAP.

Thank you Guys. Appreciate very much!!

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HEOS Binding works through the CLI protocol. The Denon/Marantz binding can not only work through http but telnet as well. This is how my X-3400H works.

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I tried to find those information in the spec sheet on denon site. But I couldn’t find. That’s why I confused. Thank you for your valuable time.

No problem, I’m glad I can help. As I wrote earlier, lots of details are not available on Denon’s site. That’s why we run this thread to share informations like this.

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It was helpful lots. Thank you both very much @rkrisi and @MDAR


This was very helpful.After reading the instructions from here before i didn’t have to face much problems. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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I’m glad it helped.