Denon Heos over Alexa with OpenhabCloud

Hi there

Im really struggling to get my HEOS Items proper to Alexa. I cant get the control working with Pause and Play for example, the same is for the volume, i defined “speaker Volume” and everything but its not working. Alexa just gets the Item but nothing to control. Finally i did it with the Brightness.dimmer Tag but now of course it thinks its a Blub and the commands are not nice if you say alexa lower the brightness of my heos to 10 percent…
The same problem is with the “Remote” Item in Heos, i can control everything fine in openhab but alexa will not accapt it as a control. Again there is an item with no function, i tried a lot of different tags but nothing worked.

I have aswell some problems with my Power Plugs with the Wattage display but lets let this off for now.

Im on openhab v3 stable version.
Of course all the Hue Bulbs etc, working without a problem.

Hello again

For now i created a virtual switch and routine in alexa to trigger the switch and then a rule in openhab to do whatever i want when the virtual switch is triggered