Denon / Marantz rest api refactoring


I’m currently working on reverse engineering the complete REST api for my Marantz NR1711.
My goal was to be able to control more advanced Parameters such as Subwoofer, Dialog level and other “setup” stuff. The intention was to build presets in openHAB, since the presets in the AVR are rather limited.

By the looks of it it the AVRs are able to fully describe their feature set which would mean that the implementation should work on all Denon/Marantz with rest api.

In the end I would like to integrate the new api into the existing binding but this would mean rather heavy refactoring to the connector since the openhab items will be much more dynamic (depending on the available feature set of the AVR).

What do you think? Good / bad? By biggest concern is proper backwards compatibility for the existing items

Dynamic channel might not have to much impact on the operation of the binding itself. Because the binding status updates/command handling doesn’t know if the channel was created dynamically or not. So it most likely affect the discovery/initialization process. If the channels are the same as the current channels only added dynamically it might not be an issue or you can just dynamically add the new channels only. Because than not a lot would change. From the binding documentation it seems not all devices support the rest api, so that means you should not break devices depending on the serial api.

David, I’m interested in getting a Marantz NR1711. How is the support in OpenHAB for it in general? Is there anything that does not work that I should know about?