Designer fails to open configuration folder - better error description please


as an openhab newbie I open designer, and point it to /etc/openhab2 directory for configurations. I get a dialog saying it’s invalid configuration directory, and opening fails.

After googling around, I added empty files openhab_default.cfg and openhab.cfg, and it opens the directory.

It would be nice if it was more informative, instead of bluntly failing. It should give a clue why it refuses to open the dialog. As a newbie, it makes me feel lost with the program. That is the configuration directory which comes from dpkg packages, so it should definately be ok.

Dialog should mention why it doesn’t accept the dir, e.g. “No openhab.cfg file present in the directory, not recognizing it as configuration directory.” Or better yet, asking whether user wants to add such empty file.

As such, it gives pretty unfriendly first user experience. Can such be added?

openhab2-online 2.0.0~b4 for arm


It looks like you have a mismatch between your openHAB version and designer. You can get the designer for openHAB 2 from the following link:

Also, the 2 .cfg files you created should not be required. All you will need to do the with the correct version of Designer is point the “conf” directory.

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Thanks, I really had the wrong sw, the designer. I didn’t notice there is the smart home for openhab2. Thanks for pointing to right direction! I’ll try that.

I was facing the same problem as ikkeT, which initially lead me to discarding OH2. Reconsidering it, I realised that I, as well, had downloaded the wrong Designer application from:

Since to me, the above link appears to be the software download page which is accessable within the least amount of clicks, I think it would be advisable to at least put a link to the updated designer application there.