Desktop widget for Übersicht (macOS)

I’ve created a small widget for Übersicht, a MacOS Application where you can add widgets to your desktop.
It receives the data through the REST API of your openHAB 2 installation. Currently only OH2 is officially supported, OH3 is planned. The widget is written with Coffeescript and only available for Mac.




  1. install Übersicht (
  2. download (
  3. copy the openHAB2.widget folder to your Übersicht widget folder
  4. complete all steps in the file

Other widgets can be found here:


  • check the state of your openHAB items on your desktop
  • add items to a room for a better overview
  • support of local and remote access
  • adapting icons
  • easy basic customization of the appearance

I’m open for new features or general suggestions and hope you enjoy it.

New version for OpenHAB 3 with a new icon option: