Desktop (windows) notifications

Is there a possibility to show some desktop notifications (windows 10) when something “happens”.
My usecase would be that if someone rings the doorbell, I will get a notification message on my PC.
It just should work “in house” - so no cloud service or similar.
I thought about sending some MQTT messages but couldn’t find a suitable possibilites to show messages in the windows 10 notification center.

I know you can accomplish this with a couple of tools:


MQTT Notifier

Have you used the MQTT Notifier already? Found it this morning too but has no reviews so far.
About PushSafer - I’m more looking for a “no cloud” solution. I’m alread using pushover for some notifications but experienced that it is not on time sometimes. Therefore not optimal for a doorbell notification. :slight_smile:

Haven’t installed anything from the Microsoft Store yet, so I didn’t know there is the possibility to test applications for free for 24h. Did now try the KR MQTT Notifier and it is more or less doing exactly what I want, so I bought it. If someone presses now the doorbell button, openHAB publishes a MQTT message and Windows is showing a desktop notification that someone is at the door. So currently it seems to be the solution I had in mind, but further testing about reliability is needed.