Despair on Regex StateTransformation in HTTP Binding

Hi together.

I try to get some Status Values from my Heating. It seems to expose Values only via it’s Web Interface.
I try to use the HTTP Binding and then extract the Values via RegEx. But I don’t really understand how RegEx is working in OpenHab.
I develop the RegEx with an Example can be found here:

As far as I understood OpenHab is using the SingleLine option. Which makes it incredible hard for me to find a condition to stop the Group on the end of the Value.

In the Example I’m searching for the Value in the span with data-id=“22026”. Here the Word “Ausbrand”.
I’m not sure if it could be more than one word or if it could contain letters or anything else.

My first Attempt was this RegEx: /22026.“live”>(.)</span>/gs
But it will not match the contents between this first live and the following span, but anything between the last live and span combination.
I really don’t know how to tighten the RegEx up so it will capture only the first contents between live and span.

My seccond attempt was this RegEx: /22026.“live”>(.)Kesseltemperatur/gs
This greatly reduces unwanted contents in the Match group. But still has to much Content after the Word “Ausbrand”.

I hope I could explain my Problem probably.
I think a look at the link can explain my problem best.

Can anyone shed some light on why OpenHab uses the /s option at the end? Or why it seems like this to me?
And how to get just the word Ausbrand in the Example?

Thank you in advance.

Input: <html><span id="live">foo</span><span>bar</span></html>
Regex: .*?\"live\">(.*?)<\/span>.*
Output: foo

Is this what you want? Use the lazy quantifier ? in your capturing group. In contrast to .* which means “match everything possible” (in this case foo</span><span>bar) the lazy quantifier matches only as much as needed (in this case foo).

Thank you. The lazy quantifier works. This helps me a lot.
Apart from your hint I needed to add the ID of the Span to get the correct location.