Desperate with OH3 UI, Overview page just stays blank

I have migrated my OH2.5 to OH3 a few weeks ago. Since then, time and again I am trying to start gradually moving my old basic ui sitemap to the new system, but I just cannot get going and end up being completely lost.
By clicking around a bit cluelessly in the overview page, I may have messed up something, but I am not sure if it should build up automatically or not.
I have seen that others have “Overview, Location, Equipment…” Tabs at the bottom of the page. I do not have these.
I feel there should be something in it by e.g. looking here: Building Pages in the OH3 UI: documentation draft (1/3)
Is there a way to “initalize” the overview page again?
My model now looks like this.

The overview page is now completely empty.

On a side note: I also do not know how to get the dimmer to show correctly. It is “physically” a numeric/integer mqtt channel and I used to control it with a Number item and a slider in the classic UI.

Go to Settings>Pages, click Home Page, go to the Code tab and paste what you have.

Thank you. As mentioned, it is now completely empty:

  label: Overview
blocks: []
masonry: []

Ok, I just saw that the ‘tabs’ “Location”, “Equipment”, “Properties” appear at the bottom of the page, but not in the admin part (also not if you turn on “Run”-Mode at the bottom).
So I guess I am more or less clear, here and can start building up the page.
I also figured out that the Dimmer needs to be defined as Type “Dimmer” and not as “Number”, what I did before.

As an additional question to @ysc : I pasted the overview page code because there is no “homepage” when I navigate to “Administration”->“Settings”->“Pages”
However, when I am on the homepage, there is a pencil on the top and that brings me to an edit-mode of the homepage. Is that normal?

The code of the homepage is here, btw

  label: Home Page
  - component: oh-locations-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}
  - component: oh-equipment-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}
  - component: oh-properties-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}

Right, I remember now - the home page is not created initially, you have to click on that pencil button and save and it will be created if it doesn’t exist. But this is only to override the default, even if it’s not created it should display the 4 tabs and the cards representing your model. If it doesn’t then there’s a problem, maybe you have errors in the Javascript console?

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Thank you! No, I think everything is fine. Thanks for the hint to click save :sweat_smile: I had not done this before and it now appears under the pages.

Hi Matthias,

I’m desperate too! My problem seems similar to yours: the home page is empty and stays empty when I add locations or such in the model. According to the tutorial on YouTube (official OH channel), that page should be updated automatically, shouldn’t it ?

Thanks for any pointer

No, the homepage will stay empty until you define page elements for the overview page.
Just the tabs for location, equipent and properties will be filled automatically with information from the semantic model.

Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

My question was not correctly phrased: it’s precisely the Locations, Equipements and Properties that stay empty on the default page. When I edit them, I see the list of cards as they are defined in my model; so it looks all fine to me. But they are not visible on the tabs. I don’t see anything wrong in the logfiles either.

Could you please post some screenshots.

This is what I see when I edit my page:

This is the result:

As you can see, the Locations tab is empty.

Note that I have deleted everything on the semantic model and started over. That’s why I have just a single location.

Well, we need to see your semantic moddel to identify the issue…

Your semantic definition is incorrect, it needs to be Group → Location → House …

I’m confused. 3 levels? Here is the closest I get for Group => Location => House:

Or this:

Both do not work.

Gosh, they are both the same :smiley:

Sorry, had to be a bit clearer.
If you edit your Item, you should see a Type field, which needs to be set to Group.
Then under Semantic Class Select House.
If you than check the Item you should see it as Group → Location → House.

Editing item:

After editing I see Group => Location => House:

Still nothing on the Locations tab.

It might be that it needs at least on semantically tagged Item belonging to that group to show up.
Please create an equipment belonging to that group.