Details how to test new developed Bindings?

As it is my first binding first basic configuration is completed. I’d like to test basic functionality creating a bridge manually. Unfortunately I’m not able to create a test.

  1. Exporting the binding as .jar and put it into the addons folder of a running OH2 instance does not work. Binding is not even considered and not shown in the logs after restarting OH even with cleaned-up cache.

  2. Within eclipse I’ve added dependency for org.openhab.binding.linktap but in this case it is also not considered.

In the community are several entries but none is explaining is detail the opportunities to test the status of a binding development.


I suggest to review all .xml files and hard coded names of things for example in your constants file. I remember in the past having troubles with a few typos.

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I’m not quite sure what solved, but now I can run and test the addon via eclipse.

This was quite helpful:

Does anybody now how to delete the cache? All the created things are kind of persisted. When I restart the demo app via eclipse I’d like to have it clean without any history.

In addition there is an error with the thing handler which I’m not able to resolve. I’ve posted it in the community referring to the new binding. Thanks for suggestions!

Thing Handler Error