Detect button press on my Harmony remote

I have a Harmony companion hub with a remote connected to OpenHab 2.2

I have been able to send button presses from openhab and also detect what activity is being used but what i want is to detect when i press a button on my remote or in the phone app for harmony.

My final goal is to control my chromecast from the harmony remote pressing play pause on the harmony remote, that is then detected in openhab and by using a rule i can “forward” the signal to chromecast using that binding.

So the basic question is really, can i detect a buttonpress on my remote in openHab in some way?

By the way, if there is a solution to do it with the harmony hub by itself that is also ok for me but i cant find the way to do it…
Just so you know, the TV that my chromecast is connected to is not supporting CEC over HDMI.
I hope someone can help me…

Doesn’t look like it: Harmony

That being said. I have an arduino based IR receiver in my theater AV rack. It captures all IR blasts from the hub. I setup a device on my hub for my room lights for example. On an activity, I added buttons for this “light” device. When I push on/off, it sends the IR and my Arduino knows to relay that info to OH via MQTT.

TLDR: You could use an arduino to tell OH what IR is being sent and look for certain buttons.

Hi… a small update… I was not able to solve it with the harmony only, instead i am now using a ESP8266 with a IR revived connected with mqtt to openhab and in that way controlling my chromecast. I must say it works quite well without any big delays. The good thing about this is that i will not make more use of the ESP8266 since i now know how to use MQTT in openhab and ESP8266.

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