Detect the data of Vibration sensor and display in smartphones through Open Hab

Working in maintenance department of gear hobbling company and we are thinking to connect the gear hobbing machines to IOT solutions as we have to test the vibration of motors maximum times whenever gear assembly not working properly due alignment issues. The manual process with PLC is becoming much difficult maximum times, we are not aware of other machine readings while testing, So according to our company design engineer we have been suggested to use wireless vibration sensor to test and repair the vibration peak and alignment of machines by sending the output of sensors to web server database and display it through smart phones,
As new comer in this kind of area need you suggestion to implement this process.
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Start with that:


One approach is to break the project into steps.

Can OpenHAB work with the suggested sensors? They seem to be Zigbee devices, is that right?
Searching this forum for Zigbee shows that OpenHAB should be able to read them, using extra hardware - a dongle or gateway. So there’s a bit of research you need to do there, to find a gateway/dongle to work with the sensors and your chosen OpenHAB server.

Can OpenHAB process the sensor data? You don’t describe what you need to do with it, but presumably it is just number manipulation and perhaps some graphing? Yes, OpenHAB can do that.

Can you display this goodness on a technician’s smart phone? Yes, but the simple UIs are, well, simple. You can set up a more glamourous user interface with HABpanel.

I’d look at the requirements first though - are wireless sensors okay in your presumably industrial/factory environment?

You mention existing PLCs. Are these already measuring vibration? It might be possible for OpenHAB to interrogate these for the data you are interested in, it does support Modbus and other PLC communications.

Hi, yes I am talking about Zigbee devices but I still need to know If I use cellular services like electron to connect wireless sensor with OpenHab then what rules we have to follow to make implement this process ?
I have never trying to create the communication between both via cellular service.

they offer a receiver that puts the data on internet on port 2101. Just read that port