Detect when landline or iPhone in use

OH 2.4 on rPi

I normally work from home, but with the rest of my family now home as well, I would like a way to turn the Hue light outside of my office any time I’m on my landline or iPhone.

I know the easiest thing to do would be to manually tell Alexa to turn them on/off when I receive a call, but I know that I will forget to set it and get interrupted.

I don’t mind getting interrupted if my family has a question, but I need them to stay away if I’m on a call.

Thanks in advance!

If OH can tell when you are making a call on both cell and landline then use a rule to turn on the lights. The rule will be easy, it’s how to connect OH with phone’s (the landline being the bugger) that’s gonna be tricky???

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I wanted to say get the openhab app.
But after looking in the docs the IOS app doesnt have the option to send your callstate to openhab.
Only the android app.

But im sure there are apps or ways to send your callstate to openhab.

Might be better to just push a button when on either type of call.

I agree with the button idea.

Make a proxy switch on your sitemap and use that with a rule to turn on/off all the needed lights.

later you can always (if there’s something that will do it), do voice control - HEY SIRI I’M ON THE PHONE

I know I can easily use a button or even voice commands, I’m looking for an ‘automated’ solution vs a ‘controlled’ solution.

Thanks brizzik, I’ll look into iPhone and callstate to try to see if something exists!

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