Detecting Thing Attribute (Last Wake Up Time)

I asked a similar question before form a different angle but here is my question:

I have a zwave device that does not accurately tell me when the battery is dying. It just goes offline still reporting 100% battery. So, it goes unnoticed for a long time when the bat is dead. I’m working on ways to try to detect this.

Today I noticed in HABMIN if I select this “Thing” - under Attributes, there is a field for “Last Wake Up Time”. This particular device (that I have not yet changed the bat in) reports last wake up in July (it is now September). The device is set to wake up every 120 seconds, so clearly there is an issue with the device that requires intervention. Is there a way to detect these attributes and if so, trigger a rule based off them? An alternate would be: is there a way to detect and trigger a rule on a device waking up? If so, then I could set a timer that resets every time the wake up is detected and triggers a rule if it times out.

That information appears to be available through the REST API. A custom script may be able to populate an Item so you can alert off that.
Once zwave development gets back on track, I do not know if @chris could add a channel for that as a feature.
I am not sure how feature requests are handled for bindings.

The device should be set to OFFLINE if the battery dies and you should use the OFFLINE state to manage this. I don’t plan to add the last wakeup time as a channel as it’s not really a user level information.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. PaperUI and HABmin both report this sensor as:

Status: ONLINE Node initialising: REQUEST_NIF

Not sure if I understand this correctly but looking at this link:

It looks like it is both being reported as ONLINE but INITIALIZING. Am I missing something?

How long has the binding been running for and what is the wakeup period configured for the device?

Wakeup Period = 120 seconds
Uptime ~= 3 days