Detecting Usage in HabPanel

Hi All,

I’m using a rule that changes an OpenHAB item to rotate between HABPanel Dashboards like a kiosk.

The rule detects whether a ‘HABPanel Lock’ item is ON, in which case it won’t rotate (for when I am doing a number of things on the panel).

Is there a way to detect whether HABPanel is actively being used so the lock item can be automatically set - kinda like a motion detector with an ‘expires’ timer so it will unlock once it is no longer in use and go back to ‘kiosk mode’?

You could detect whether some UI is being actively poked by having rules listen for commands from any pokable Item. (A Group use case, perhaps)
You might need to use a large number of proxy Items, so that you can distinguish commands issued by rules from commands issued by UI.
You won’t be able to tell which UI.
Nor can you tell if it’s just being looked at, or even different pages viewed.

There are threads here somewhere with people exploiting actual panel sensors - motion or light I think.

For examples of what rossko57 is talking about re watching for events from Items on a given panel and the proxy items so you can tell where an event comes from see:

Thanks guys - great ideas I can probably make work for what I want to do.

I hope everyone is staying safe!