Detecting zwave stick not found (detect when a "thing" has an error)

Hey all,

Recently I had an issue where my zwave stick wasn’t detected at startup for some reason and I didn’t realize it for a long time. Rules weren’t triggering on door sensors and some things weren’t working. I eventually saw in the habmin console that all of my zwave device “things” weren’t communicating and my controller “thing” wasn’t detected.

Is there a way to detect this in a rule and take action? I guess to be a little more abstract, is there a way to determine if a “thing” has an error? I’ll like to shoot myself a pushover message or email or something to warn me if this goes down again.

Hey Tom
This topis has come up recently several times and a quick search (of this forum) should bring a few examples. I will take a quick look and see if I can find the one I’m thinking of which I think was zwave related in fact
but anyhow, also things can be used to trigger a rule and some ‘things’ even have a channel for this type thing
happy hunting then

this isn’t the one I’m thinking of but may help

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Awesome! Thanks!