Determine the Sitemap Element Type of an Item within a rule

Is it possible to determine the element type (from a sitemap) that caused an item to receive a command?

For example I have an item:

Number Bedroom_Setpoint “Set Temperature [%.1f]”

And this is referenced in a sitemap as both a setpoint and a switch:

Setpoint item=Bedroom_Setpoint minValue=60 maxValue=80 step=1.0
Switch item=Bedroom_Setpoint mappings=[62=“Set Away”, 70=“Clear”]

In the rules file, I would like to do something different depending on whether or not Bedroom_Setpoint was updated via the Setpoint element or the Switch element. Is this possible?

Thank you.

No, there is no way to get information about the source of a command.
But of course you can use a proxy item for one of both widgets and build some rules to stick them together. This way you will have two items and you can distinguish the two widgets within the code.

Yes that is what I did, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t another way.
Thank you!