Deutsche Bahn Binding updates frequently with OH4

After having changed to OH4 I noticed, that the Deutsche Bahn Binding now updates every 30 secs or so, which is by far too often. With OH3 the same Binding updated every 30 Mins. There is no parameter in the binding to adjust the poll times, so is that possibly an effect of the UOM change, which came with OH4? And how can it be corrected?

I think it’s no good practice to flood the Servers with unnecessary requests, so I disabled the binding for the time being. A solution or good advice would be appreciated… any ideas? Thanks!

well… in fact this was a misinterpretation of the log… the update frequency didn’t change, but with OH4 all item updates are reported while with OH3 only item changes were reported. That explains, that the log messages grew quite a bit.

I could solve it by fixing the log4j configuration file according to and Log looks better now, superfluous messages are gone.