Developer wanted!

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for a developer who will prepare an OpenHAB integration for me. It involves e-bus and modbus integrations. An e-bus device is Wolf GmbH split heatpump, and modbus device is heating/cooling control equipment by OJ Electronics.

TASK: Take control over OJ Electronics thermostats, visualise it in OpenHAB, give a full control over time programming, thermostats grouping, and switching between heating and cooling. Hardest part will be to “talk” to Wolf heatpump and switch it between heating and cooling and set desired flow temperature.

Anyone interested? Equipment is located in Poland. We can work remotely, but if there’s anybody interested from Poland that would be great!

Possible that I will try soon with OJ Electronics thermostats

Good news!
If you download “WLM-3xFS Mod-bus manual” there is everything clearly explained.

The problematic think will be to read Wolf BWL-1S E-Bus communication. May you be interested?

Kind regards


please, send to me all manuals you have

Any luck?