Developing a Binding for Philips Android TV

Hi all,

I’ve managed to control my Philips Android TV using WOL, networkhealth and a python script .
I’d like to create a binding for this, as I feel I may succeed :wink:

But I have some questions:

  1. I’d like to provide WOL-capability from the binding so users may power on their device without configuring the WOL binding. How to include this feature?
  2. How does device discovery work? / This binding competes with the google chromecast binding

I’m in a hurry, but wanted to post this anyway in order to get started :wink:


This should get you started

Hey Sascha,

great idea!

Can I ask you some questions?
What tv do you use?
What API do you use?
Is there any documentation online from Phillips or Google?

I like Philips because of the ambilight. And I have to buy a new tv soon. But I am afraid LG or Samsung are easier to integrate into openHAB than a Philips…

Thanks in advance!