Developing a new Action for OH2


where can I find Information to develop a new Action for OH2? I only find these steps to develop my own binding


There is no such thing as a “new action for OH2” - simply develop one for OH1 and you can use it on OH2 :slight_smile:

Resurrecting this thread, is there a way to describe what an action is capable of? Similiar to the binding.xml ?

I could imagine something like this would be quite useful for point&click rule engines :smile:

In the OH1 actions this is done through annotations in the code - I plan to read these annotations in order to provide these to the new rule engine.

cool, have created an action that works with openhab 2.00 snapshot, but how do i add this action to Eclipse Smarthome Designer so that syntax highlighting and actions popup show my action. Is it supposed to go inside the application Bundle (for mac)? Have tried adding it to addons folder in Designer’s bundle internal folder and its doesn show up in the ide. I assume more is required then just dropping it in designers addons folder?

You are not doing anything wrong, see
So the only option you currently have is to ignore the syntax errors in the Designer and be happy that the runtime executes your actions nonetheless :slight_smile:

Ok great many thanks