Developing/Testing openHAB 1 addons on openHAB 2 IDE


In order to facilitate testing of openHAB 1.x addons on openHAB 2, I have created a new IDE profile, which comes with the openHAB 2 runtime and the openHAB 1 addons within one workspace.

All you have to do is to follow the IDE setup documentation. In step 4, you will now see a new entry “openHAB 1 Add-on Development”, which you must select. The setup will then automatically clone both repos for openHAB 1 and openHAB 2 and import everything in your workspace.

To every addon author: Please take some time and help testing/fixing your add-on for openHAB 2! See We need your help on testing! for further details.

Please let me know, if you have any problems or questions!


This does not seem to work on OS X. I do not get asked for github credentials and the repos are not cloned.

I am using it on OS X, too.
Can you try to double click in step 3? This value needs to appear in the lower selection list afterwards.



As many people stumble over the double click, I have just added an extra note to the instructions: