Development of openHAB 3.0.0 and 2.5.x

Actually, 2.5.1 will say 2.5.0 on the dashboard because they did not ( ans likely will not) update openhab-core. 2.5.1 is designed so addons updates dab be released separately from the rest of openHAB.

I am away from home for the week so I cannot test to verify.

Please also be aware that the footer of the dashboard will still say “openHAB 2.5.0 Release Build” - this is because the version of the core runtime is show, which has not been touched at all. To see the detailed version information, please have a look at userdata/etc/ , which should look like:

openHAB Distribution Version Information
build-no        : Release Build
online-repo     :

Repository        Version
openhab-distro  : 2.5.1
openhab-core    : 2.5.0
openhab1-addons : 1.14.0
openhab2-addons : 2.5.1
karaf           : 4.2.7

from openHAB 2.5.x Patch Releases

I also have a lot of serial devices. I have moved from serial binding to a global cache device.

  1. this device is more expensive than a serial cable but you can place it anywhere on your network there is a wireless and a wired version
  2. you have to make minor readjustments to your code ( for some characters you will need to use their hex code EX @ character for global cache is %40)
  3. it uses an End-of-message Delimiter to separate each message (it might not work for some devices)
  4. if you decide to use this device get the itach devices because their firmware is user upgratable while he GC- device need to be sent back to global cache to be upgrated
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just use “sudo openhabian-config" and select " 02 | Upgrade System Upgrade all installed software packages to their newest version”.

You will not see the changes in your dashboard. But when logging in via Putty you can see:


I have looked at this a couple of times, as I have a large Insteon installation. It is quite a daunting proposition. The original InsteonPLM binding is a bit of a kludge (which the original author freely admits), and it doesn’t support a number of new devices (like motion sensor 2, siren module etc.). Also open/close sensors do not work well (triggers can get missed).

I finally decided to move to ISY (944i) for my Insteon interface. This works extremely well, is very fast, and is actively supported.

The problem now is how to interface ISY to OH2? There is an ISY binding for OH2 out there, for V2.3, not “official”, and not updated in 2 years. Might be worth looking at, needs some work, but less than the InsteonPLM binding.

What I did finally was to take the python interface to ISY (under active development), and interface it to MQTT (quite easily done in python). Now my Insteon devices are linked to mqtt2 items in OH2, and all my config/administration is done on the ISY. This is a much better solution than the direct interface via the InsteonPLM, I should have done this years ago.

This solves the following problems

  • You can’t configure the Insteon devices from the insteonPLM binding, you still need some other way of doing that (I was using homelinc, but that has long been abandoned by Smarthome).
  • Gives you an independent way to check/control/test/add/delete/link your Insteon devices (while OH is running).
  • Can trigger scenes, including keypadlinc buttons, and setting button light state.
  • Insteon device states are preserved if OH2 is restarted, as they are read from the ISY, which is on 24/7.
  • No serial/USB interface required, works over the network, so no wired connection to your OH2 device.
  • Because it’s python/MQTT it’s really easy to add/fix/change things. No arcane Java knowledge or massive development environments needed.
  • PLM can be backed up or restored independently.
  • Also supports Zwave if you get the Zwave version.

Drawback is that you have to buy an ISY 944i, and a new PLM.

So I think that you should take a look at the ISY v2.3 binding

And see if is worth porting the insteonPLM binding, or updating the ISY binding.

I’ve already ported the code, see New Insteon 2.5+ binding.



Is there already a timeline for 2.5.2?

Not sure but any further 2.5.x updates will just be addons, not core. Core stays at 2.5. 2.5.1 permits this version split using the 2.5.0 core.

I’m talking about the addons 2.5.2

Approximately on a once a month release cycle. 2.5.1 was 12 January.

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sounds good

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There has been a large number of people helping Rob test this. The new binding is working well and I’m looking forward to seeing it released in the next version of addons.