Development of TFA Dostmann/CUL binding (distro build problem)

Hi, i am new to openHAB. I got through the Intertechno binding a (Brennenstuhl) 433 Mhz power plug running. Now i try to get data from my TFA Dostmann 303125 sensor. When i debug openHAB, i get the following messages from AbstractCULHandler:

Received raw message from CUL: tAE2263063E03
Requesting credit report
Received raw message from CUL: 21 900
credit10ms = 900

What could be the next steps? Should i try to install fhem and use the autocreate feature to get parameters and than …? Or is there another binding? Or must i develop a binding for that?

Best regards Jost

i worked a little bit on this issue and build a new binding, which is now able to decode the data received from my Busware CUL. The decoding of the data is based on i found in the FHEM module “”. Next step would be to implement a dicovery, because the id of the sensor changes every time changing the battery.

My problem is now to create a distribution with “mvn clean install”. My binding is not build and veryfied. I integrated it in the binding pom.xml and feature.xml with dependency to the used “openhab-transport-cul1” feature. Did i overlook some point in the workflow?

thanks in advance

oh wait! Is this the solution to integrate my binding into a distribution?

think so. I will work in the evening on that …