Development with the Z-Uno

Hello everybody,

I’ve recently got a Z-Uno device ( As already discussed in Zwave Database entry for zuno, it does not make sensor to add the Z-Uno to the Z-Wave database since the user configures the endpoints. However, in order to generate an appropriate database entry, I have used the Chris’ database website ( I’ve added a new device from the node*.xml file. Afterwards, I’ve downloaded the database XML file for OpenHAB 2 and added it manually by manipulating the .jar file of the Z-Wave binding (building the binding with maven somehow failed, so this seemed easier). I have two suggestions that would make the life of device developers easier:

  • Would it be possible to open the algorithm the website uses to generate the database XML file? That would allow me to locally generate the database file instead of creating pseuo-devices in the database (that are not published, of course).
  • It would be great if the Z-Wave binding could load the database files from a directory (preferably even without restarting OpenHAB) instead of (or in addition to) reading them from the .jar file. That would very much make changes to the endpoint configuration easier.

My point is that I have the feeling that all code needed to support unknown devices better is actually there; it would be great if OpenHAB was easier to use for this purpose.

Thanks :)!


Did you make it work with the Z-uno?

I have been trying as well to get it to work, but no success. How did you modify the .jar file?