Device Confirmation on OpenHAB2.1

Hello there…Is there a link to a “device list” (with full model#, manufacturer details etc.,) that has been tested and found to work with respective bindings in 2.1?

Any confirmation on the device part# for a simple Thermostat (Nest or Ecobee), Smart Lighting (Hue Bulbs etc., ). I need to run a quick purchase and would like to double check with anyone in this group on the recommended devices. This is only a hobby project and as such may not have a 2nd chance to invest on a 2nd set…

No such list exists.

It has been brought up many times before and the same things are always said:

In favor of such a list:

  • it would be so useful
  • I’m sure the community will contribute

Those not in favor:

  • it would be out of date immediately
  • there are literally tens of thousands of devices and the list is ever growing
  • no one will work on it

And indeed, no one has put forth the effort to generate such a list.

So you best bet is to look at the binding README for the technology you are looking at purchasing. Typically any devices that are not compatible or, if it is a short list, those devices that are compatible will be listed there.

Many technologies are like Zwave where if it has the Zwave logo it will work (see caveats in the zwave binding readme). Others like Xiaomi will provide a list of those devices known to work or known not to work.

For those devices listed:

  • All Nest devices work
  • All ecobee devices work
  • All Hue bulbs and devices work but you need a Hub