Device found in Alexa Lambda logs, but Discover devices wont find it?

Hi All

Ive got a MQTT controllable Garage door, its displaying fine in the OH2 REST API and shows up in the Lambda AWS logs fine also, yet when I do a discover devices using the LIGHTING tag, it doesnt find any new devices.

Has anyone seen this?

Here is what is scene in the AWS logs:

 { "actions": [ "turnOn", "turnOff" ], "applianceTypes": [ "LIGHT" ], "applianceId": "Garage", "manufacturerName": "openHAB", "modelName": "Lighting", "version": "2", "friendlyName": "Garage Door", "friendlyDescription": "Switch Garage Lighting via openHAB", "isReachable": true, "additionalApplianceDetails": { "itemType": "Switch", "itemTag": "Lighting", "openhabVersion": "2" } },


Anyone? ALL other smarthome devices are working just fine.

Only this one device defined here:

Switch Garage         "Garage Door"    [ "Lighting" ]   { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/gate/POWER3:command:*:default], <[broker:stat/gate/POWER3:state:default]", autoupdate="false" }