Device Initialization of Fibaro Door Window Sensor (fibaro_fgk101) does not complete

openhab.log (1022.5 KB)

  • Platform information:
  • Hardware: Synology NAS
  • OS: DSM6
  • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
  • openHAB version: 2.4
  • Issue of the topic: Device Initialization of Fibaro Door Window Sensor (fibaro_fgk101) does not complete. State displayed in PaperUI “Unknown Device”. I woke up device several times using the tmp button at the sensor. Node ID is 2.
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Please post the debug logs so we can see what is happening.

Hi Chris.I just added the logs. Thx

The only thing in the log for this node is the following -:

This means that the binding is waiting for the device to send a wakeup message - until it receives this, it won’t try and communicate with the device. Either the device is out of range of the controller, so the controller isn’t receiving the wakeup, or, the wakeup is not being sent.

Can you describe what you are doing to wake up the device, and how far away the device is from the controller.

The device is mounted on the window frame. There is a wakeup button at the bottom of the device (not reachable when mounted) and a small button inside. I put the controller in inclusion mode (via searching for things in PaperUI) and press button inside with a pen three times which should wakeup the device. distance to controller is approx. 5m, distance to nearest other node in the newtwork is approx. 1m.

You don’t need to put the controller into inclusion mode - this will probably stop it working properly. You just need to wake up the device. If the device isn’t configured yet, then it will most likely need to communicate directly with the controller - 5m should be ok (normally) but the proximity of other devices won’t help if the device is not yet configured.

Hi Chris. It works now. I justed waited one day without doing anything. I guess the device woke up serveral times and inclusion finished. Many thanks for your support.