Device integration fails - Unknown device in PaperUI

I have a problem with integration of devices (NeoCoolcam door sensor and Heiman smoke detector) to my system (OH 2.2 and 2.5 running on RaspPi, Aeotec zwave stick gen5).
I can successfully pair them with my controller (indcated by the lights), but in the PaperUI’s inbox they are shown as unknown devices. Both devices are supported by the z-wave binding but OH doesn’t find them in the database?
Do I have a general problem or did I something missed?

Btw, many other devices are working properly.

Assuming the device are in the device database, most devices will initialize eventually, but you can wake them up manually to speed this up. Check in your manual to see how to wake them up.

I didn’t find anything re manual wakeup in the documentation. Is there a common way to to this?

Which device? Device db link would be helpful.

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Heiman smoke detector and Neo coolcam door sensor

Just to be clear - what version of the ZWave binding are you running? OH2.2 is very old - even 2.5 is quite old now if you’re running the official 2.5 and not one of the more recent milestone or snapshot versions…

It is very difficult to help without knowing the model numbers. There are a couple Neo Coolcam door sensors, but here is one. The manual does provide information for manual wakeup and this information is also available when viewing the Thing in Habmin or Paper UI.

The smoke detector also has wakeup information too…


Hi @5iver, I’m not sure what is the wake-up information e.g for the smoke detector and how to use it.
I found a checkmark at NIF and UnSec, but what does this mean?
What is the action to wake it up?

Btw, it seems I have this issue with all battery devices.
Thanks for any help.

Battery devices have a setting for Wakeup Interval. At the end of this interval, the device wakes up and checks in with the controller to see if there are any messages in queue for the device. You can find the default value in the manual for the device. When you restart the binding (or OH), there is an initializaiton that occurs to get the current state of the device, etc. Until this occurs, the device is kept at Request NIF until it wakes up. Sometimes it takes a few wakeups to get through all the messages. If the device has just been included, there is a more intensive initialization, where the device is interrogated for all of it’s supported Command Classes. This can take a lot of wakeups to complete.

The default wakeup periods can be minutes or hours (you can find this in the manual), so you need to be patient or manually wakeup the devices.If the device is still not recognized, you may need to delete/rediscover the Thing, reinitialize the device (which is not always available), or exclude and reinclude the device.

In order to troubleshoot what is occurring, you need to enable debug logging for the Z-Wave binding (look in the docs at the end under what to do when things go wrong).

As Chris pointed out though, what version of OH are you using? If you are not using OH 2.5, you need to update.

Hi Scott,
thanks a lot for this valuable answer! :grinning:
What I understood is I need to work in my emotional competence :wink:

I’m using HO2.5 and it works quite good for all the other functions I’m using.

Either that was a typo or you are using it backwards :rofl: :rofl:

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