Devices in database not identified by z-wave binding

I recently purchased some additional Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212, firmware 3.5), to expand the automation. I chose this particular model as I already have deployed 3 of the very same, previously.

However, after adding the first Dimmer 2 to the z-wave network and getting successful confirmation, following the same procedure as I always have (as described in the Aeon zstick and Dimmer 2 manuals), my OH 3.2 z-wave binding does not identify the product, it keeps saying Unknown device.

I have tried to exclude and re-join the device, as well as re-initialising and healing the network. I have also tried to wait for several days without success.

The binding logs are set to DEBUG and if someone could be kind enough to instruct me in what to do before extracting the them, I am more than happy to post these here too. I have the XML of the node attached.

Thank you for assistance in advance.

network_fcf0da6f__node_15.xml (30.5 KB)

Did you try a recent snapshot of the Z-Wave binding? According to the database entry the last approval was just a few days ago (2022-03-24 16:56:22)
The database in the standard Z-Wave binding that came with OH 3.2 does not contain the combination of device id x1001 and device type x102 that is needed according to the xml file you posted. The snapshot does contain it, though.

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No, I had not tried a snapshot. I have been reading up on how to install (think I got that) but did not feel sure I had found an official repo where I can download the .jar.
So, for now I took a backup and just installed the latest snapshot of the enitre openHabian - and it works perfectly. Thanks!

The strange thing is that I have, as mentioned in my post above, deployed three of the very same model and firmware before with no issues. It must be some form of revision that they do not mention.

You are welcome :slight_smile: Glad to see it worked for you.

Compare the xml files between the older things and the new ones. Relevant are most likely these entries:


In your case the deviceID may be “0x1000” for the older ones whereas it is “0x1001” for the new ones according to the xml posted.