Devolo Flood Sensor doesn't seem to be in the Z-Wave database

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to try out openHAB 2 and it looks nice :slight_smile: However, the only sensor I have so far doesn’t seem to be in the database :-(. It’s this model here:

The corresponding data in the node*.xml file is as follows:

manufacturer 0x175 /manufacturer
deviceId 0x21 /deviceId
deviceType 0x2 /deviceType

Thanks for your help!

We need the whole xml file of this device to get it integrated. Please upload it here.

And we need the possible configuration parameters of the device. Sadly Devolo doesn’t normally state them in the manuals. But usually Devolo only rebrands the devices, so maybe you can find out who is the original manufacturer.

It said: “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”; Thus, I’ve uploaded it on pastebin:

I’m not sure about the configuration parameters; I’m not aware of any. It should expose a binary alarm value (whether it senses water) and additionally has a switch that is meant to signal tampering (with the switch pressed down signalling normal operation).

The device looks a lot like a Philio unit:

And the Philio unit indeed has configuration parameters…

However, @chris has to give you access to his db to upload the XML. Or he’ll be so gently to do it himself. :slight_smile:

Yes, this looks right :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your ultra fast response even doing my work of finding the re-branded product!