Devolo Scene Controller

Hello all!

I’ve been trying to get a Devolo Scene Controller (see here) to work with openhab. I can include and exclude the device to the zwave network but it seems I don’t get any comand I could work with. Anyone got one of those to work and can tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you


Hello all again!

If you stumble upon this thread just know as much: do not buy said controller. The battery is too weak for configuration. Therefore get something that works on something stronger than a CR2032. I will keep this thread up to date to reflect my progress. Thankfully now I found a very friendly user that gave me lots of pointers on how I could get my 2 scene controllers to work.

Hi Paolo,

for some reason I was thinking that the Devolo Scene Controller is the same as the Devolo MT2652 which is listed as compatible in z-wave binding.
Now I have three Scene Controller and the pairing does not work properly.
Have you found out how to get the Controllers to work with Openhab?



Hi Suedti!

Actually no. I didn’t have time yet to get them working, hence the “do not buy” advice in my former posting. But for what it’s worth I got a pointer from another user. He points out that the CR-Battery is maybe too weak for the device and fails to give enough power to sustain the whole configuration process. As a solution one could try to wake the device every 10-15 Minutes or so and hope the configuration will take effect. Another solution (the one I would like to try) is to connect an external power source and try. This way power should be up for the whole configuration process. Apart from that I hear that once the devices are set up they work pretty well. If you manage to get them running please let me know how you did it :smile:



Hi again!
Today I finally got to configure my 2 scene controllers! I have them partially working now.
I don’t know why but I get only 3 of the 4 buttons working…

What I did is as follows:
Prerequisite is habmin or habmin2 (Best if you use both)
Z-wave binding version 1.8 (if I remember correctly 1.7 and 1.7.1 won’t have this device in it’s db… but I may be mistaken on this one)

  1. With a fresh battery or an external power source include the two controllers into your network
  2. Wait 5 Minutes
  3. Wake** the device and make sure all the configuration items are shown as needed!
  4. Wait at least 5 minutes again
  5. While you wait you can configure your devic(es) in habmin:
    For each device:
    5a. Let configuration parameters 1 and 2 read “Separately”
    5b. Let configuration parameters 11 through 14 read “Send Scenes”
    5c. Go to “Association Groups” and in EACH association group set your controller as “Member”
  6. Now it’s time to wake your device(s) again
  7. Your configuration should now be “uploaded” to your controller(s)
    The result should be, that now if you press a button, the button number + 1 should be sent. That corresponds to the scene number. So 11 is sent for button one, 21 ist sent for button 2 and so on and so forth.
    Please note, that if you keed a button pressed the key number + 3 will be sent. E.g. 13, 23, 33, … and then key number + 5 when you release the button. E.g. 15, 25, 35…
    Now to actually do something with the messages you get, you need corresponding items. I usually do that like:

Switch node28scene1 “Scene 1” (gWZ) { zwave=“28:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=11,state=1” }

This item will get a state of 1, or “ON” I presume, whenever you press button 1 on your scene controller at hand. I then use rules to make things happen, when an item corresponding to a button is updated (it’s important that you look for all updates, because your state will always be updated to 1).

I hope this helps you.
Let me know, if I can help you with anything else!


** You wake it by pressing all 4 buttons simultaneously, wait until the LED flashes and then press button 2 (right top button). Just let the device talk to the controller. It’s done, when the LED goes off and stays off.

How do you realise an external power source for this device?

I spent many hours trying to configure the Devolo Scene Controller. I even soldered an external power source to it. But it wouldn’t accept any configuration parameters. The inclusion in the network worked; however, it showed red LED blinking every time the parameters were uploaded to it, and every button press equally resulted in a red LED. Finally, I gave up and sent it back. I now use a nodon wall switch, which works like a charm.