Devolo Scene Switch MT:2652

Hi, I am new to openHAB2 running on a Synology.

  • Z-Wave (USB) controller successfully installed
  • Z-Wave Devolo switchable plugs successfully installed
  • Z-Wave Devolo Scene Switch MT:2652 installed but cannot be configured. No actions can be applied.

Does anybody have a solution to my problem?

Can you describe what this means more precisely?

The Devolo MT-2652 works if you set the parameters 11 to 14 to 8 (Central Scene to gateway), unfortunately that has to ber done manually. It’s the only way I got it to work, none of configuration options you can set with habmin have any effect on rules.

How to set parameters manually:

Hi @Meeschter, thanks for the info.
I followed the instructions in the pages that you linked and successfully set the following parameters:

Parameter Number = 0B
Size = 01
Configuration Value = 8

Parameter Number = 0C
Size = 01
Configuration Value = 8

Parameter Number = 0D
Size = 01
Configuration Value = 8

Parameter Number = 0E
Size = 01
Configuration Value = 8

I am on OH2 running on a Rasberry pi with Aeotec Z-Stick gen5, the MT:2652 is correctly included and added to my items file; it appears in the sitemap but yet I can’t receive any value (I also checked in the Karaf console).

How did you set the other parameters? Any idea?


Hi @Francesco_Recupero,

after I set the MT-2652 to Central Scene Mode (Config Value 8), I got the sent values and they showed up in the console. Did you wake it up after the configuration change? The changes show as pending in the configuration tool, you then press the 4 buttons simultaneously until the LED blinks to enter management-mode and press Button 2 to wake up the device.
The config tool should mark the changes as saved.

I also set Parameters 1 and 2 to 0 (separately)

Hi, yes I woke it up and the parameters showed as saved. I will try to set parameters 1 and 2 to 0.

It just popped to my mind, what about the parameter size? Cause I set it to 1 but if we are talking about bits I guess the minimum should be 4. What size did u set?

i set the size to 1, thats what the product page says. when you set 1 and 2 to 0, the 4 buttons function separately, and the log should show central scene 1 to 4 if buttons 1 to 4 are pressed. i also have the aeotec gen5 and run oh2 on a pi, so our setup is exactly the same.

did you get anything in the logs with parameters 11 to 14 set to 4 (send scenes)? for me buttons 1,2 and 3 worked, but I couldn’t manage to set up a rule that recognised a change. central scenes is the only way my rules respond to the switch.

So far nothing in the logs.

As soon as I will have a few minutes I will try to set all the parameters as you suggested. I’ll keep you posted about any progress and I will also try to set to parameter 4 (send scene).
Still I am in the learning phase, for example it is not clear to me what central scene means (for send scenes I can guess). So many things to learn…so few time to study :slight_smile:

Just an update: I set parameters 1 and 2 to 0 but so far no luck. Unfortunately I don’t have time these days to go deep. I did not buy this button, I just borrowed from a friend so I guess I will just give it back and look for another dimmer :slight_smile:
Nevertheless thanks a lot for helping

Got the same situation with my Devolo MT25652 nothing happens in the log if I press one of the buttons !!!
May anybody have the correct link to this document (for me it doesn’t work).

This is what happens in my events.log:

2017-12-09 02:07:59.334 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - DevoSwitch_Stuff_Scene changed from 1.0 to 3.0

The most important thing is to set the switch to Central Scene Mode, and the only way I was able to do that was manually with the ZenSys Tool (Parameters 11 to 14 set to value 8)