DHCP listen on a another host rather than one running the OH2

Hello all,
I am reading about the iPhone presence detection and have installed the Network binding. Reading the wiki I got interested in the DHCP listen mode. My setup is running OH2 on a RPi (Raspbian) and the DHCP is running on a Mikrotik router.
What do I have to do in order my iPhone items to be updated for their presence as soon as the DHCP leases an IP to them ?



A better approach would be to use the latest 2.2 snapshot version of the Network Binding and arping or use the new iCloud binding.

Hello Rich,
thank you for the fast reply. I recently installed OH2 from the stable repository which doesn’t have v2.2 in it. I supposed it isn’t released officially yet. I could n’t find the iCloud binding as well. Altering the apt source.list file will grant me the updated packages or will it break the installation? Is there a release date for the stable v2.2 ?

I am using v2.1 by the way.



If you change the apt source list to point to the Snapshot then when you run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade it will install the latest 2.2 version.

There are no release dates. When the developers get to a point where they think a new version is getting ready they start the Beta which gets put into the Testing repo and after a few weeks in Beta they release the new version to Stable.

Especially if you are not experienced with OH, I’d recommend upgrading to the 2.2 Snapshot. There are ways to download and install 2.2 version bindings in a 2.1 OH but it requires some extra knowledge and there is enough to learn with OH as it is. In my experience 2.2 is pretty stable so you should be fine running on it.

Thanks again for the suggestion Rich. I did upgrade to the 2.2 Snapshot using the unstable repo. Somethings broke like the HomeKit service. Maybe I have to do it again.

On topic though I didn’t see much improvement sensing my iPhone 's 6s presence. Just to note that I went via the Network Binding and removed the old thing that I created in 2.1 and re-added it choosing the "Ping … " option and bound an item (switch) with the channel of the linked thing. The switch is mostly off. You mentioned arpping. Does this mean that I have to make a rule that will update the switch ?


At some point the readmes should be linked from within paperui I think. At the moment you need to find the binding documentation yourself. Arping only needs to be installed. No rules.

Please also check the think property page on paperui. It lists all working presence detection methods and some other information.

Cheers David

This is where I started from, the network binding documentation. Arping is installed and available from any path. The way I create the items (switches) after I add the thing (iPhone) I go to its properties and copy the channel string that I add to my items/defaults.items. BTW I am getting “org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.link.ItemChannelLink with key’iPhone6s_Sw -> network:pingdevice:6c323da1:online’ already exists! Failed to add a second with the same UID!”.

I realize from the openHAB app that the items in the control section of the PaperUI are added to a “Home” sitemap which I cannot find in the /etc/openhab2/sitemaps folder. What am I doing wrong ?


I think you might need to step back and go through the Beginner’s Tutorial and read the first few sections of the User’s Manual because the things you are doing and questions you are asking show a lack of understanding about some OH basics.

You cannot have more than one Item with the same name. You cannot have more than one Thing with the same ThingID. So you can’t just copy them without changing their names. Posting your configs would help.

Nothing. PaperUI doesn’t create a sitemap. If you go to _default for your sitemap there will be a version of the Sitemap that corresponds to your Things. There is no file created. You probably don’t want to use this one anyway because it will only have your Things, not Items and even if it did have Items, it would only have Items bound to 2.x version bindings.