Can anyone tell me how to make a graph in a simple way? How to save measurements, e.g. every 1 hour?

You can open any numeric item and just click on the analyze button.

Otherwise you can also create charts of you want to adjust the layout.

Data is saved by default via the persistence services, therefore you do not need to configure something special to store the data, once your item is setup

I do not know how to do it ? Where should I enter my details? Where is the time? How do I view the oh-chart?

For any OH3.x version:

To use the build in analyze feature, select settings in the menu, then go to items, select any numeric item and click on the analyze button at the item page.

That’s the place where to find the analyze button:

To create your own charts you need to go the following way:

Menu → settings → pages → and create a new chart using the + icon

OK, I have OH2 :frowning:

You still can use charts in your sitemap as described here:

Or consider an upgrade :wink:

I started with persistance with Influxdb and charting with Grafana on OH 2.X.
There is an old thread describing step by step which I can not find atm.
For me as new user it was a bit painful but have both services since then running without any trouble.

But I think Matthias’ suggestion to upgrade is the better approach …

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