Difference between Dimmer and Number?


I’m trying to create a Dimmer which gets its state via http and JS transform.

The log files show that the state gets updated correctly, but it doesn’t update in the UI.

If I change the item to a Number instead, it works flawlessly, so what exactly is the difference between a Number and a Dimmer item?

A Number represents an unconstrained number. It can be anything from MIN NUMBER to MAX NUMBER. A Dimmer has a Percent state which can only be between 0 and 100.

If you are using OH 1 you might be seeing a known bug where the UI doesn’t always automatically refresh with updated values. I’m not sure why it works better for Number than Dimmer.

I’m getting the values from the Z-Way API, so they are always between 0 and 100, so this should not be the problem.

I am using OH 1, but even refreshing the page manually doesn’t change the value, it just displays the last known state forever, until I change the item to a Number again.