Difference between map transformation service and metadata state description

as the title already says, could somebody please bring light into this?

In channel profiles there are map transformation services available which allows you to do the transformation already on item-level.

In items metadata there is a state description which allows to specify additional information for the state of an item, that is linked to the channel.

If you simply want to replace item states e.g. 1 by a string e.g. ready I think you could do this either way.
Transformation map: 1=ready
State description: options: 1=ready


When you apply a transform to a channel<->Item link, it modifies data coming from the binding before it gets put into the Item state.

When you apply a transform in an Item’s state description, it modifies the apparent Item state as and when it used for display. For display only. The real Item state is never changed at all.


very well explained. makes everything crystal clear now.
thank you very much.

one more question: is it possible to do calculations on profile level?
I currently have a rule which calculates the states for two channels of a white LED stripe based on color temperature set via a GUI and I wonder if it makes more sense to control this via a profile.

Do what you like in a javascript transformation.

Problem: you can only import one piece of information, you only can export one piece of information.