Difference between PaperUI and BasicUI with configured items

Hello guys,

i configured two example items

	Switch Aussenbeleuchtung
	[ "Lighting"] 
	{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:3f556f00:4:ledbrightness"}
	Color Aussenfarbe
	[ "Lighting" ] 
	{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:3f556f00:4:ledcolor"}

and in PaperUI i can’t see anyone of them on the dashboard.
But after swtiching to BasicUI, i’m able to see and use both of them.

Is there anything i did wrong? Possible bug in paperui?
Possible ways to do it in a better way?

I’m using Openhab - latest Snapshot Build.

Best regards

Items not configured via PaperUI won’t be visible in PaperUI.

PaperUI is only supposed to be an administrative interface, you should be using BasicUI, HABpanel etc for your day-to-day usage of the system.

Items not configured via PaperUI won’t be visible in PaperUI.

That’s not true. All other items (Homematic) are visible in PaperUI. And when i’m removing the Swich, i’m able to use the Color Item too.

All Items are visible in PaperUI under Configuration -> Items. But you cannot modify any of the Item’s properties for Items that are defined in .items files.

The Control section of PaperUI will only show Things, not Items. Or if it does show Items, it only shows Items defined in PaperUI and not those defined in .items files.

As Garry said, PaperUI is intended to be an administration UI, not a controlling UI.

Thats true, but there was no need to change any settings.

By adding things to my .items file, i’m able to control all configured items expect those

By removing the switch of the .items file, i’m able to control the color settings via paperUI Dashboard. It seems to be a bug.
All other items in my items file are controllable via PaperUI Dashboard!

Thanks to garry for this clarification!

Beside my problem with Paperui, is my way of addings things the right way or ist there a better way?

best regards

Nomenclature is important here. This is one reason why I always capitalize Things and Items. You do not add Things to .items files. Your sentence implies you are trying to define Things in a .items file. I don’t think this is the case but that is what your sentence means.

All Channels linked to Items are controllable in PaperUI perhaps. But you are interacting with the Channel in PaperUI, not the Item.

That implies that there is something syntactically wrong with your Switch that is keeping the rest of your .items file from being parsed. Are there any errors in your logs?

I don’t know how milight channels work but if the ID you are supplying after channel= is a correct Channel ID this is a valid way to define Items.

I’m sorry. This was my fault.

I can use all items(even the switch) in other UI’s without any problems. Only Paperui got the problem.

Correct. All other uis work with only Items. PaperUI’s Control page only works with Channels.

I will say it again. PaperUI will not control Items. It is not meant to.

i added yesterday some more items to my .items file and suddenly i was able to control my milight switch over paperui’s dashboard. After refreshing the side, the switch was gone again.

This is just a crazy behavior and for newbie’s who are testing their configuration is it realy difficult to get these information.

Anyway i’ll thank you and Garry for your information, time and your stamina by leading me the right way :wink:

Now it is more clear what you are seeing and indeed the channels should not be disappearing like that. If you are not on the latest snapshot you can try upgrading and see if it continues to disappear. If so file an issue on the Eclipse SmartHome repo which is where PaaerUI is developed.

I’m using the latest snapshot and did some research. I figured out, by removing one of this two items above, the other item will appear in Paperui, adding the second item, both items disappear.

Problem solved.

I used the wrong channel for my switch. After changing the channel, all my configured items are fine.