Difference between Z-Wave-Sticks


After using openhab with Philips Hue, tado, Plex and some Devices like my LG-TV and Yamaha AVR, i would like to take the next step in home automation: i would like to try z-wave.

The last days i read a lot about it and now i am asking myself, which z-wave-stick would be the best for me. On amazon i found these two interesting offers but i dont get, what is the difference between these sticks. Do you have an idea or maybe another alternative?

thanks a lot.

yours Alexander

The first one is the ZWave Plus version - this is the one you want. Don’t go for the older S2 version - it has poorer performance and a few less features.

Most Z-Wave sticks are fundamentally the same - the Aeon one is nice in that it has a battery which allows you to take it around the house to include some devices in situ. Otherwise most Gen5 sticks are basically the same.

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I totally agree with chris. AND: You can backup and restore the Aeon Gen5 Stick.

backup and restore big advantage - means you can have a spare stick sitting round ready to go if the normal one fails.


thanks for your advise! so i ordered the first one now.

can you also give me an advise for a cheap (and goog) door/window-sensor? I am interested in this one but at first i would like to test and learn with easy/cheap one…