Difference Hue emulation and Hue binding?


i am a little bit confused, whats the difference between those?
I tried on a fresh oh2 2.4 install only the hue binding and the bridge was discovered with no problems.
So do i need the hue emulation additionaly?

My “things” were added correctly into openhab. Only thing is, that i can see only lights in my alexa app, none of my on/off plugs are visible there.

You don’t need the Hue Emulation Binding if you want to connect a Hue Bridge to openHAB.
As far as I’m aware the Hue Emulation was used to expose openHAB items to the Alexa Hue Skill.

So if you want to use Hue hardware with openHAB: Hue Binding
If you wanted to use openHAB with Alexa: Hue Emulation*)

*) I think there is now a openHAB Skill for Alexa and the way via Hue Emulation is no longer needed?


ah ok.
Yes i want to use my Hue Bridge and hue bulbs (hardware) with openhab2.
But i also got some zwave relais for lightswitching, and for these, if i want to use them with alexa, i need hue emulation, right? Or the openhab alexa skill…

I think you are using OpenHAB 2.4 ?
Hue emulation is broken in the current testing version (2.5x) if I’m not mistaken


yes i am using 2.4 latest stable.

I have a Hue hub and I use the Hue binding. It works great.
If you want Alexa integration, check out the new Alexa app.
Hue emulation is broken quite sure and all but abandoned
The version included with your 2.4 might still work but likely no longer needed

You mean the openhab alexa skill? I will give it a try…

do you have any other items included in your voice commands or only devices which are connected to the hue hub ?

Alexa pretty much is used for automating turning Pandora on and off. I use zwave motion sensors and rules for time of day, presence detection and ambient light (outside) to control lighting and such.
That and I have tasker running on my phone and sending mqtt to OpenHAB when the phone rings, Alexa goes 'Andy, the phone is ringing ’

Here is a link to the brand new Alexa app