Different Device name for item in sitemap vs Hue Emulation tag


I have a few device items with the same names as one another. For example I have an upstairs and a downstairs TV both with items named “TV Power”. In my sitemap this makes sense as they are given context in the sitemap as they are placed in a room. So if the item is in the Livingroom and under the heading “Livingroom” already on the sitemap it is redundant to name the item “Livingroom TV Power”, so I keep it short.

This works nicely in my sitemap, but when I expose both of these items via tags to support Amazon Echo integration they both show up as “TV Power” and I have to go figure out which is which and rename them. Not a huge deal for this example, but I have several items named “Ceiling Lamp” and “Recessed Lights” etc.

So, wondering if there is some way - maybe in the tag itself - that I can provide a different name for the Amazon Echo integration without changing the name that appears in my sitemap?


The first though I had is duplicate the item. Use one for sitemap one for hue.

Then I remembered you should be able to use a label= in the sitemap.

See the doc but copied this over:

Switch item=<itemname> [label="<labelname>"] [icon="<iconname>"] [mappings="<mapping definition>"]

It’ll help with understandings docs and options to get the terminology right.

The name of an Item is what openHAB uses internally, and so must be unique.
Typical example Kitchen_Light_22 or somesuch.

The label of an Item is just a bit of text you assign for use in displays etc.
Example “Big Floodlight”

You can give your Items labels, but the sitemap also allows you to override those in individual sitemap lines if you wish.

Moving to Hue Emulation, as I understand it that uses the Item label for its own purpose.
So you could give your Items default labels that are meaningful to you when using Hue.
And if you don’t want those labels on the sitemap display to be the same, you can override the text with a different label in the sitemap entry.

Thanks guys. I hadn’t thought of overriding the default label set in .items directly in my .sitemap. I do that in places, but hadn’t considered it for this application. I put it in place today and worked perfectly.