Different Layouts for tablet and phones

Dear community !

I’ve updated a long time used OH 2.5 to Version 3. Since I’ve always used Habpanel, I like to continue useing it. I’ve alreay managed to copy my configuration and it’s working fine. Since I’ve created two layouts, one for Tablet / PC and one for phones, it’s not possible to use a default Layout. Otherwise I will end up having the large tablet version on the phones.

To have quick access and full screen mode, I’ve put the bookmark of the HABpanel on the homescreen of the iphone / tablet. Unfortunately it seems, that it will not remember the login from the Main UI (which was done in safari) in order to be able to choose the correct layout (get access to the settins in HABPanel)
Is there any way to disable the authentication process ? I’ve searched the forum and found this issue already back in 2021 but there was no solution in this topic.

I found a solution for this issue. I’ve created a Frame with the openhab main page inside the default layout. From this Frame I can login to openhab to be able to change the layout in Habpanel to the one which is used for the iphone.